How to backup WordPress

Before describing the different methods used to backup a WordPress site or blog, it’s vital to understand that your WordPress installation is made of two elements:

  1. the folders and files that contain the WordPress “software” (the CMS platform, which is a program writte in the PHP language), the plugins, the themes and the files (images, etc.) that you’ve uploaded
  2. the MySQL database, which contains all the WordPress settings, all the text you’ve typed in your articles and pages, and all the reference to every single files (images, sounds, videos, etc.) you’ve included in the content themselves

So, as you can see, you need to actually make a backup copy of both these elements, and most of the methods used for backing up WordPress can’t address both the needs in one step, instead they need do handle each backup separately (there are a few that can, as we’ll see, anyway).

how to backup a wordpress site or blog


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